Xylem x Man City

Xylem x Man City Shower Timer Challenge at the Etihad Stadium before the match against Luton Town on Saturday 13th April. I was responsible for creating the assets for the set display. 

Xylem x Man City campaign highlighting small actions fans can take to become a Water Champion. Little changes like taking shorter showers can help significantly reduce our water consumption. Showering can use up to 12 litres per minute. If we cut the time we spend showering to a maximum of five minutes, we can save almost 22 thousand litres of water a year (per person) just with our showers.

The Xylem Shower Timer Challenge was held on Saturday 13 April located outside East Stand reception before the Luton Town match, challenging fans to hang from a crossbar for 5-minutes, to help fans think differently about how long five minutes actually is and how long we need to spend showering.

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