One-On-One With The Detroit Pistons

One-On-One With The Detroit Pistons

NBA/Detroit Pistons/Eko

Collaborated with a New York digital media company Eko on a project for NBA team Detroit Pistons, the goal was to promote the launch and gain awareness of One-On-One with the Detroit Pistons, and brand One-On-One as a cool, fun, shareable sports game.

My role in this project was to art direct all marketing assets, this included a poster, website and social media graphics.

Motion created by Kasper Nyman

Play The Game

One-On-One With The Detroit Pistons

This interactive video is a live action basketball challenge between you and the Detroit Pistons. You are playing as an up-and-coming kid from Detroit against the members of the Detroit Pistons. You will be able to play as both offense and defense – allowing you to make great shots while also letting the Pistons show off their moves.

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Series Poster

Marketing Assets

The series poster featured 5 Detroit Pistons players with a one-on-one in game image. The poster was used to promote the game through online, print and online media.

Social Media Images

Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

The social media images were used to promote the game with one group image and 5 individual player images which featured in-game controls and one-on-one game action.

Group Social Media Image

The group image featured the 5 Detroit Pistons players which was the prominent social media image to promote the game.

Launch Day

The Palace of Auburn Hills

The Detroit Pistons unveiled a new interactive video experience One-on-One with the Detroit Pistons at The Palace of Auburn Hills.

Photos by Chris Schwegler

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