MUFC Design

Art Direction

I showcased this project on two social media platforms, Tumblr and Instagram. With social networking playing a key role in digital design today my intent was to showcase my work to a football and design audience by sharing and engaging with fans using social media as my platform. Weekly designs included fixtures, matchday, news, stats, records, quotes, illustration and creative artwork.


With social networking playing a key role in digital design today my intent was to showcase my work to a football and design audience by engaging, sharing and networking with Manchester United fans using social media as my platform.

The idea of this project same about in 2012, I follow American sports and a big fan of the NBA, NFL, MLS and NCAA Football and Basketball. Since 2010 I have been following how the American sport teams interact and engage with their fans through social media using design and social graphics. Professional sports teams in the UK, especially the English Premier League were not doing this and I saw this project as an opportunity showcase my creativity to a worldwide audience.

Creative Graphics

Since the start of this MUFC Design project in 2013 the creative graphics have been my most popular post to date. The creative graphics were a way of experimenting and showcasing my work to my fans.

Throughout my time creating these creative graphics my sole purpose was just to have fun with them, that was the best thing about this project, to have total freedom and control of what I create. For each creative graphic I have tried experimenting with different styles and techniques, I feel the variety and quality of the graphics is why they are they most popular posts.

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