Branding and identity for culture creators 6KMC who are based in Perth, Australia.

The branding and identity for 6KMC.

Client: 6KMC
Date: February, 2019
Services: Branding
Social: YouTube


6KMC is New Wave media platform highlighting the future sounds of Australian music. Based in the 6K, Perth, Western Australia. Culture Creators.

We’re Culture Creators, youth based in Western Australia. Here to reignite life into the music culture of Australia, by creating a new form of media platform for the homegrown talent of our country.


The concept of the logo was based on a vocal mic, the Rode NT1-A Vocal Recording Mic, which is the industry standard.

The circular ring represents the pop filter with the 6KMC text within the ring. I was briefed the logo will be used across print, online, digital and merchandise, with that in mind I created a clean minimal logo that could be used across these digital and physical platforms.

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