Apparel & Prints

Apparel & Prints
Fashion/Digital Illustration


Growing up around family members who were fashion designers and being surrounded in the fashion environment from a early age into my teens was definitely inspirational. As I began my journey as a young designer I have always dreamed of creating my own brand, I have been in the process of turning this dream into a reality, more updates will be posted at the right time.

Creative Direction

My creative direction starts with thorough research of the theme and imagery I want to use for a capsule collection, graphics and prints.


I then start the development stage picking a selected number of images from my creative direction such as pattern, graphic and style inspiration and then begin my artwork.

The Pop Art movement was my earliest fascination, Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein seized on the culture of celebrity worship, portraying cultural icons and political figures. I have used today’s sport and culture as sources of imagery in my work.Amit Patel

Apparel & Prints

Online Store

Apparel and prints will be available to buy from my online store in the near future.

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